Crushes Season 03

Crushes are waiting everywhere, but found nowhere.

Are you wondering where you stand with him or her?


Romantic relationships in your 20s are clumsy and incomplete

They have a crush on somebody dreaming of the complete love.

‘Crushes’ depicts youths in crush in the omniscient viewpoint.



-Genre : Webisode (scripted drama)

-No. of episodes : 22 episodes

-Running time : 5~7 minutes

-Total duration : 120 min.

-Target : Men and women at 18~25 (Sub-target: 26~34)

-Channel : Facebook <KOK TV> Page, Youtube <KOK TV> Channel, Naver TV<Whynot TV> Channel

-On-air period : 2017/1/16~2017/3/6

Illustration by: whynot


web drama